Puja for Karmic Clearing

With Gauri Jyotisha

January 6, 2019


Join us for a beautiful ceremony of mantra and karmic clearing with Jyotish astrologer, Gauri.

A puja is a powerful 16-step ritual that affects the subtle body and subconscious mind, leaving you deeply cleansed. The effects of pujas come in waves for 6 months to a year following the ceremony. A beautiful way to ring in the new year.

Please bring an offering of flowers, rice, or fruit.

Yoga Heights

A Hatha-Raja Yoga Weekend With Andrei Ram

January 26 – 27, 2019

$49 single workshop
$176 full weekend
$166 early bird before week of
Andrei Ram’s approach to the Hatha-Raja Yoga is based on a constant breathing awareness aimed through the practice of different pranayama techniques, which bridge the integration of the Eight Limbs of Yoga. Such pranayama-mastering gradually develops a diversity of higher states of consciousness, which fructifies into cleverness, free-standing joy and generous harmony among good health.
Saturday 12-2pm

An introduction to a complete Hatha-Raja Practice. 60-minute basic pranayama techniques & prana-nidra, followed by a 90-minute breath induced Hatha-Vinyasa practice, finished by Kriya-Yoga practice.

Saturday 3-5pm
Igniting pranayama techniques to access the inner-astral State of Turiya (Supra-consciousness first stage) through a Yoga-Nidra practice lead from the vibrating sounds of the Nāda-Yoga Tradition.

Sunday 12-2pm
A deeper second dosage of Hatha-Radja practice to enjoy the high of weightless movement and profound consciousness.

Sunday 3-5pm
Closing session to encapsulate all previewed practices into the Samadhi summits, launched by the mystical Kriya-Yoga ancient Self’s technology. 

Mahabhutas: The 5 Great Elements of Nature

With Marco Rojas

February 2, 2019
$39 in advance
$49 day of

Experiment with the elements of nature to identify their influence in the body. Practice asana and pranayama to bring awareness to the 5 Great Elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space.

Through the practice of identification of the elements of nature in the asana, we will learn how to improve the qualities of our lives on the journey towards evolution.

Evolution is an unfolding. The fight is not against nature; it is against nurturing. In this workshop, learn how to cultivate your inner nature by examining the influence of the 5 Great Elements.

Marco was named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Yoga Teachers in America by

Maha Hatha

Weekend With Gianna Purcell

March 16 – 17, 2019

$49 single workshop
$132 full weekend
$122 early bird before week of
Saturday 3-5pm

This two hour workshop is a series of holistic tools to heal the spine and build the body skills necessary to attain depth in backbending poses.

Sunday 12-2pm
A series of the hatha tradition, this two hour class is for all levels. It combines breath work and asana to progress the body smartly towards new realms in a variety of backbend positions.

Sunday 3-5pm
This two hour hatha series is an all leveled class that combines familiar Original 84 Ghosh Asanas with complimentary techniques to provide a full spectrum experience for the body and mind.

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