Kundalini Rising: A New Moon Blackout

Workshop With Abhaijot, AManbir, and Friends

Friday, January 24, 2020
6:30 — 9:30pm

$60 in advance
$70 day of

Under the first New Moon of 2020 join us for a New Monthly gathering at Lighthouse Yoga School with Lighthouse Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) teachers Abhaijot Kaur and Amanbir Singh and friends, Michael Jay and Terrance Pompey.

New Moons are portals of darkness where we come to relaxation and rejuvenation of soul. During this monthly blackout we will use the power of Kundalini Yoga, Naad Yoga the power of sound, Acupuncture, Sound journey through gongs, and Tibetan bowls, and a cosmic frequency dance party to unite the spirit in celebration.

About the Teachers
Abhaijot Kaur and Amanbir Singh are resident Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) teachers at Lighthouse Yoga School, who travel the world teaching Kundalini Yoga in trainings, retreats, and community spaces to enrich people’s lives.

Michael Jay is one of the first US students of Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux. He is a primary member of Don’s Mysterious Tremendom performance group and continues to study and assist him with Gong workshops regularly while Don is in the US. He is a NYC based senior student and facilitator of Sage Academy of Sound Energy retreats and trainings, and has assisted at the Open Center Sound and Music Institute program in 2015. Michael is the catalyst for the multifaceted sound based collective SVAHA (Sound Vision Alchemy for Harmonic Attunement) and is the Director of Therapeutic Sound at You Can Thrive — a vibrant community for women in and out of treatment for breast cancer.

Terrence Pompey is a NYC-based composer, producer, drummer, and remixer. He frequently plays the dholak drum in accompaniment of many Kirtan artist. He recently did a few remixes, three of which are on the Kirtan Soul Revival remix album. He has released music under the names Kula Headz and tm.pOMpey.

CLassic HATHA 84 WOrkshop


Sunday, February 9, 2020
12:00 — 4:30pm

LH Premium + Annual Members: $48
Regular Rate: $60
Yoga Teachers (full or part time) $35
{please email a copy of your teaching schedule or website to to receive discounted rate}

A note from Riji: We finally have some more time to roll up our sleeves and get down with this beautiful Ghosh 84 practice. Four and a half hours to more consciously explore the complete series. For those with a foundation of steady yoga asana practice. For those who always ask me amazing difficult questions during the Friday 84. For those who have questions about the 84 and never ask them. For those who have long wanted to come to the 84. For those curious about the adaptation of their particular spine, body, mind, and heart to the specific alignment of a pose. For those who desire to understand and practice this classic system at a deeper, higher level. For those who can’t help but love the 84. For those yoga nerds who get strangely excited and happy about the prospect of sweating and getting ego-checked by universe for 4.5 hours of their precious Sunday with other yoga nerds, such as the teacher who asked for the 4.5 hours in the first place. Thank you, Lighthouse.

To find out more about Riji’s teaching + practice, please go to

Bi-Weekly Meditation Workshop

with Jared MccANN

February 11 + 25 @ 8:30-10pm
$20 drop in
$10 for members (Premium Autorenew or Yearly)
This bi-weekly, all-levels-welcome meditation workshop is led by experienced Lighthouse teachers. Each teacher will offer aspects from their chosen lineage of mediation. Workshop may include mantra, kriya, transcendental mediation (TM), dynamic meditation from the Taoist tradition, trataka (gazing meditation) or Buddhist meditation, depending on the teacher. This is a great opportunity to explore different meditative practices that can then be added to a daily at home sadhana.


With Nikki ORTIZ and Françoise Voranger

Saturday Feb 29th 3:00-5:30pm + Sunday March 1st 2:00-4:30pm

Full Weekend Early Bird (before Feb 17th): $80 | Full Weekend: $100
Single Day Early Bird (before Feb 17th): $40 | Single Day: $50

Backbending is one of the healthiest practices for human bodies. Understanding the subtleties of the body and the way energy flows in a backbend allows us to safely access our range of motion while achieving a meditative state. Because the spine is intrinsically connected to the nervous system, healthy backbends results in better posture, mobility and overall health as well as better brain-body connection and a clearer mind.

The art of handbalancing is a linear quality of movement accompanied by an open, focused state of mind where we direct energy in specific directions to attain a state of balance while the body is supported on the hands, elbows, and on the head. Focussing on the foundation of handbalancing makes the introduction to this art form suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners. Attendance both days is not required, but highly encouraged.

About Nikki and Françoise:
Nikki Ortiz believes yoga is a powerful tool for evolution. Trained in JM Vinyasa, her teaching integrates elements from various yoga traditions and is highly focussed on alignment. Nikki specializes in backbend and flexibility training, helping students use proper technique to access their body’s natural range of motion while developing a healthy approach towards flexibility. Under Jared McCann’s mentorship and guidance she became the 2015 USA National Yoga Champion.
In addition to teaching, Nikki is a designer and performance artist. Her performance work has appeared at The Brooklyn Museum, The Whitney Museum, Bonnaroo Festival and the House of Yes amongst others. She’s a collaborator at Hybrid Movement Company.

Françoise Voranger is a performance artist, visual artist and content creator based in Brooklyn. Her recent works have been commissioned by New Victory Theater, Alice Tully Hall- Lincoln Center, Nelson Atkins Museum, Universoul Circus, and City Center NY (sponsored by Rolex/CTFD) amongst others. Françoise also performs as a guest with Cirque du Soleil, AntiGravity, Ann Marie DeAngelo and the House of Yes.
She founded Hybrid Movement Company and Creative Lab as well as the Movement as Metaphor education program to facilitate performance, arts education, and A.I.R opportunities for local artists.

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