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200-Hour JM Vinyasa Foundations Teacher Training


Learn to practice and teach our signature yoga class, JM Vinyasa, with clarity and precision from anywhere in the world with Jared McCann and his team of highly skilled teachers. Immerse in Sadhana, asana class and study each posture in-depth from the perspective of practitioner and teacher with Jared. Rebecca Causey will teach Anatomy + Kineseology as applied to yoga asana and along with Jared, serve as coach + mentor during teaching practice sessions. Michael Guiou will teach Yoga History + Philosophy and Daniel Mullaney will teach the History + Evolution of the Physical Practice of Yoga.

Students have the option to attend this training as a 100hr JM Vinyasa Foundations Training or as a 200hr JM Vinyasa Foundations Training If taken as a 200hr training, students will have additional weekly contact hours with Jared and Rebecca where they will practice teaching fellow trainees via zoom as well as receive personalized coaching and mentorship from Jared, Rebecca and Riji Suh who share 45 years of combined teaching experience. Students on the 200hr track will have 6 months to complete additional self-study homework and teaching practice. We will focus on providing tools and techniques for the following:

  1. Refine trainee’s own personal asana practice
  2. Learn the basics of how to effectively cue, sequence + teach a JM Vinyasa class
  3. Understand anatomy + physiology as applied to yoga asana
  4. Incorporate Yoga history + philosophy into practice and teaching
  5. Develop a Sadhana practice (meditation, mantra, pranayama)
  6. Study the asanas (postures) in-depth with daily posture clinics, including how to use breath and bandhas to increase stability, strength and awareness.

All classes and lectures will take place online via Zoom. Recordings will be made available via Vimeo to all participants in order to make the training accessible to students in any time zone. Live attendance is encouraged but not required.

Students will receive a free membership to attend any live classes through Lighthouse Yoga School for the duration of the training. A printable high-res digital training manual (PDF) will be provided.


100 + 200hr SCHEDULE Summer, 2021 (all times listed are eastern standard time (EST):

Saturdays: 9:30am-6:00pm EST

Sundays: 9:30am-5:30pm EST

Tuesdays: 10am-3:00pm EST

Thursdays: 9:00am-12:15pm EST


**due to national holiday we not meet from July 3-4 and Sadhana will take place from 9:30am-10:30am on July 6+8th, followed by practice teaching sessions.

Fridays: 3pm-5pm EST (June 25, July 9, July 16, July 23)

Saturday 10am-12pm EST (July 24)

Sunday 3:30pm-5:30pm EST (August 1 + 8)

Students seeking YA certification are also required to practice the JM Vinyasa sequence (using a recording provided, or attending any live Lighthouse Yoga School class) two additional times per week. Students will have a free membership to attend any live classes through Lighthouse Yoga School for the duration of the training.


Before training begins, we encourage you to:

  1. Memorize cues for Sun A + B and 1-2 additional asanas (provided upon sign-up).
  2. Begin seated meditation practice: 11 minutes per day.

Upon completing the course, students seeking 200hr Yoga Alliance Certification must also complete the following homework and self-study:

  1. Complete required reading assignments
  2. Maintain a daily sadhana/meditation practice
  3. Practice JM Vinyasa 3 times weekly (mentorship/self-study portion of the training).
  4. Submit a 75 minute video demonstrating their ability to teach the Class JM Vinyasa Class using the cues and sequence provided. Student must also include written feedback of their own teaching video.
  5. Pass a written exam.

We will grade and send detailed feedback on the sequence and the video. Homework must be submitted within 6 months of completing the training and requires an additional $300 processing fee paid directly to Lighthouse Yoga School at the time of submission for the time spent grading and providing detailed teaching feedback. Students who do not pass written exam or teaching video may resubmit within 1 month provided they pay the processing fee again. Successful completion of this homework is required for YA certification and in order to be listed as a certified JM Vinyasa teacher on the official Lighthouse Yoga School teacher directory.


Early Bird: $1999 (Apply + Pay in full by April 1st— save $300!)

Regular Rate: $2299 (Apply after April 1st — total payment due June 10th).*

*For all tuition options, 50% tuition deposit is due within 5 days of registration to reserve your place. The remainder of tuition is due by the dates listed above. Tuition payments can be made with credit card or paypal (3% processing fee added), Zelle App to, or international wire transfer ($30 transfer fee added).

Contact for any questions regarding the training or to set up a payment plan.





In an effort to make our trainings accessible to all students, regardless of finances, we offer three tiered scholarships (with 2 positions each per training) for qualified applicants. If you are currently unable to afford early bird or full priced tuition, we invite you to submit a scholarship application.

Scholarship applications are due April 1st and recipients will be notified by April 5th.

Due to the volume of scholarship applications we receive, we charge a non-refundable scholarship application processing fee of $30. This amount will be applied to your scholarship tuition only if you are awarded a placement. Please note that homework processing fees are not covered included in scholarship tuition.

Diamond Scholarship:

  • $300 tuition for 200-hour JM Vinyasa Foundations Online Training

Gold Scholarship:

  • $800 tuition for 200-hour JM Vinyasa Foundations Online Training

Silver Scholarship:

  • $1,200 tuition for 200-hour JM Vinyasa Foundations Online Training


If you need to space out tuition payments over time, you may request to set up a payment plan with Lighthouse Yoga School for the full price of tuition. You are also welcome to use this option if you are not awarded a scholarship placement. You may contact at any time to set up a payment plan, regardless of scholarship status.