Lighthouse and Jared in the Media

The True Story Behind the Greatest Rivalry in the History of Men’s Competitive Yoga

Hundreds of fit, cheerful women, men, and children poured into the lobby of a blocky, socialist-style conference center in Central London, where vendors hawked stretchy tights, jewelry, and coconut water. A sign welcomed attendees to the International Yoga Sports Federation’s eleventh annual world championship. Thirty-two countries were represented. As the crowds awaited the start of the women’s division across the hall, the opening act was under way…

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Williamsburg Gets a Yoga Studio That You’ll Be Able to Slip Into ‘Like a Church’

Hot on the heels of the opening of Devi, Williamsburg’s Grand Street strip is getting another yoga studio. Teacher training has already begun at Jared McCann’s Lighthouse Yoga School at 202 Grand. By February, a newly minted fleet of “McCann yogis” should be prepared to help sculpt your body into sinewy, pretzel-ish shapes. (Meaning you can put off that New Year’s resolution for another month.)…

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Meet Jared McCann: The 2012 USA Yoga Asana Champion

A few weeks ago, yogis from around the country gathered in New York to do something some might consider decidedly un-yogic: compete. And when the 2012 USA Yoga Asana Championship was over, the men’s champion was Jared McCann, a New Yorker. McCann scored a 63.4 out of 70 after completing the five mandatory postures and two optional (he chose Handstand Scorpion and Peacock). He’ll go on to represent the U.S. at the international championship in Los Angeles this June…

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Begin a New Life With Yoga – Interview With Jared McCann

When did you start your yoga practice? How did it change your life and your drug addiction? Jared McCann: I started yoga in 2004. I had moved to NYC to pursue my music career and got involved with a guy who worked on wall street. We went out every night of the week and eventually nightly drinks turned into nightly drinks with hard drugs. After a year and a half I was fabulous and miserable and so bored that no drug could cure my boredom. I lived across the street from Bikram Yoga Lower East side and one morning after being up all night I took a hot yoga class. During the first class I felt like I was remembering the yoga poses. And after class I felt better than I had ever felt in my entire life. I went everyday and eventually my yoga practice replaced my drug habit. My relationship, however, did not survive…

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The Master: Could Jared McCann Be Yoga’s New Messiah?

It’s 2 o’clock on a Wednesday afternoon, and 12 of New York’s top yogis are watching Jared McCann fold his body into a triangle. He is perched in a particularly backbreaking variation of a full locust pose, which is like a chin-stand done with an arched back and bent knees, so that his feet end up resting on top of his head. “Jared, do you breathe when you do that?” asks a long-limbed blonde named Julia Zirinsky…

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What Inspires You About Yoga Competition – Q&A with USA Yoga Champion Jared McCann

How has yoga made an impact on your life? Yoga has given me peace. Before I began yoga I felt as though I was victim to the whims of life. Through dedication to my yoga practice I have learned to take control of my life, of my thoughts, of my actions, and feelings. I have gone deep inside myself to realize that I am the creator of this life, not the victim of it. I have become empowered to create the life that I have always dreamed of, and have also learned to take full responsibility for the moments that seem to go off course. Because of yoga I have exactly the life I want. And have learned to appreciate the life I have…

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Twists and Turns Lead to a New Life

When Jared McCann was 12, he was the only kid in his Southern Baptist church in Hawaii not to be baptized. One Sunday, during the traditional altar call, his mother whispered, “Jared, don’t you feel Jesus calling at your heart?” McCann listened respectfully, but when he heard no voice, he refused to bend. “I’ve never been one to follow along,” he said…

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Even Smiles Count, However Exacting the Competition

To warm up backstage before the ninth New York Regional and National Yoga Asana Championship, some competitors slid their legs behind their heads and others curled into back bends. Michael Colwill, 46, stood still in a purple Speedo and practiced bowing. Perfecting a gentle smile, he stood on a yoga mat, secured to the stage with electrical tape, and gazed out serenely at the nearly 700 theater seats…

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Yoga Is Not Just Posing as Sport at World Event

Silence prevailed during the yoga asana routines of the ninth annual Bishnu Charan Ghosh Cup — except for one distinct sound: the low engine rumble of airplanes lifting off and landing at the Los Angeles airport. This international competition has made the noise of momentum, too, but just where it is heading is hard to predict. Will it become a sport recognized on the Olympic stage as Rajashree Choudhury, the founder of USA Yoga and the International Yoga Sports Federation, hopes? Or is it destined to remain a quirky transplant from India practiced by an exclusive set of Bikram yogis?…

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10 Yoga Stars You Should Follow To Get Your Daily Practice Going

Pull out your mat, grab your cell phone, and get inspired wherever you are! Whether you’re looking for motivation, instructional videos or just some beautiful photos, these 10 yogis are sure to liven up your Instagram feed. From beginners to professionals and all levels in between, these accounts extend a helping hand with tips and inspiration to take your practice to the next level. Next time you’re feeling a bit frantic, ditch the stress for a moment of zen and remember: Ready, set, scroll!…

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Mastering the Moment: Insights Into Yoga Asana Competition

It would be cliché to start with a statement that speaks to the irony of yoga asana and competition — if anything, it begs for a greater understanding of the matter at hand. A yoga practitioner for over six years, I came away from a recent 2013 IYSF International Yoga Asana Championship* inspired by the strength, flexibility, dedication, and courageousness of its competitors. Ninety-nine of them had traveled to L.A. from all over the world, stepped onto the stage, and demonstrated their love for yoga as an art form…

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It’s Yoga Competition Time

The sport of yoga asana has been celebrated in the United States for over a decade. Inspired by a long-standing tradition of holding yoga competitions in India, the United States Yoga Federation (USA Yoga) has run regional and national championships for 11 years. Top placements are sent to compete at the global level. On May 31, 2014, the best of the best will compete onstage when London hosts the World Yoga Sports Championship, run by the International Yoga Sports Federation. Yoga competitors from over 25 countries will gather and cheer one another on. After all, the event inspires a spirit of camaraderie and support…

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