DATES: December 1, 2020 – January 9, 2021
Meets weekly on Zoom:
Tuesdays @ 10am-11:15am EST
Saturdays @ 11am-12:15pm EST
Sundays @11am-12:15pm EST
Early Bird $345 (sign up by Oct 20, save $99) 
Regular Rate $444 (sign up after October 20th)
This intensive is designed to heal, balance, and connect. During this 40 day practice we will focus on two branches of yoga: pranayama and mantra. Pranayama consists of specific breathing exercises to cultivate and balance your energy, and also to remove mental patterns which helps to heighten creativity. Mantra practice consists of repetition of specific Sanskrit sounds and words to shift one’s consciousness.

We will focus on Gayatri Mantra during this intensive, which is a powerful mantra to invoke the energy and clarity of light into the subtle body. It is both gentle and effective at shifting the mind into a state of trust, love, positivity, vitality, and detachment. Gayatri mantra purifies the nervous system and balances the seven main chakras along the spine. This creates healing on a physical and mental level.

Also included in this intensive are mantra sets to create specific shifts in one’s life. Learn to cultivate abundance, grounding, releasing, and also planetary mantras. Mantra practice is one of the best ways to introduce meditation because it gives the student something to focus on. The simple action of mantra repetition helps develop calmness, stability, and freedom of mind.

Our group will meet via Zoom a total of 3 times per week to practice and process together. (Tuesdays + Saturdays plus Sunday Sadhana as our third meeting time). Students will also have daily homework consisting of approximately 40 min of practice on the days that we don’t meet. As always, full attendance is encouraged, but not required. Due to the personal nature of the meditation practice, recordings will not be made or provided.

I am excited to share these practices and to go on this spiritual journey together! For any questions please email