DATES: April 13-May 22, 2021
Meets weekly on Zoom:
Saturdays, Tuesdays + Thursdays @ 4:00-5:30pm EST
**Recordings will be available to view for 72 hours after the end of each session to participants who cannot attend live.
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The word that I love for the second chakra is power. Not fake power that stems from insecurity, but the power of knowing oneself. When we are attuned to our feelings, desires, and thoughts we are able to get out of the “I should…” and into doing things that fill our spirit and bring us joy! Balancing the second chakra develops a clear sense of what we love and also what we don’t. When we establish this connection to ourself, we feel safe to create it with others.

The third chakra is a continuation of the power of oneself and manifests as will. Third chakra transmutes the energy of desire into action, manifestation, creation, and destruction. A common predicament to the energy of third chakra is when we don’t stay in our lane, and instead compare ourselves to others, worry about other people’s problems, or live our life to other peoples standards. When we allow other people to be themselves, we develop a tremendous amount of energy to be our personal best.

These two chakras, along with the root chakra, make up our sense of self, also known as our ego. An important step in all of our spiritual journeys is to create a healthy sense of self. A pedestal of sorts for a most divine and delicate heart.

Join me for this meditation intensive in our journey to unlock the 7 gates. Connect to your power and will to create something amazing…you!

Jared is excited to share these practices and continue on this spiritual journey with you. We do not want payment to be a hinderance to joining us– if you need financial assistance or for any other questions, please email