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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, mat and towel combos are available to rent as a pair for $5. We also offer long-term storage of personal mats for students willing to commit to 6 or 12 months.

You need to have a body to practice yoga. That’s all; there is no strength or flexibility requirement. All bodies are built differently and our teachers are trained to work with different body types, different shapes, and cater to different needs. Our work is built upon opening students up from the inside out; as Jared says, “If you can do a fancy handstand but you aren’t working on what’s going on inside you, then there’s no point.” The key to good practice is an open mind, heart, and willingness to try.

As often as you want. Remember practice isn’t just about asana; to get the full benefits of yoga you must practice all forms including meditation and kriya yoga. Physical practice should be limited to 6 times per week so that you allow your body to take rest. Always listen to your body; if there is any physical pain then do not practice asana. Meditation, however should be practiced daily, if possible.

Yes. Always. Yoga is an ancient healing method that has been historically recorded and now scientifically proven to help those suffering from pain or injuries.

During a class at Lighthouse, even a gentler class incorporates some challenging asana practice. We recommend light clothing, and fabrics that can withstand sweat. Any attire is permitted—as much or as little as you are comfortable in.

We have mats, water, and towels for sale and rent but if you want to bring your own feel free to do so.

We have one shower, two bathrooms, two changing rooms, and a garden in the back where students and teachers frequently hang out.

We have only one shower in the studio, so we prefer that people take showers when they get home. This is not a heated studio so you won’t necessarily walk home in a pool of sweat. However we encourage people to bring a change of clothes if that’s the case.

You can check our schedule and register for classes through our easy-to-use mobile app. Download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

If you have questions about your practice, please ask any of our teachers before or after you take class. Other teachers will be able to answer questions as well, but the teacher who is teaching you will have already been exposed to your practice. If you have studio-related inquiries of questions, please speak to a studio manager (see who is who here) or contact us at hello@lighthouseyogaschool.com.

Studio Etiquette

  • Please respect the student-teacher relationship and follow any requests or instructions from your teacher. If you have any questions or comments the staff or teacher will be happy to address them.
  • If it is your first day of practice, please arrive at least 15 minutes early— preferably 30 minutes early — so that we can register you. This also gives our teachers time to get to know you and your practice.
  • Please keep the studio clean. We ask that you clean up around your mat and discard any trash in the waste baskets found around the studio.
  • Please take your shoes off and place them neatly by the front door. No shoes are allowed in the studio.
  • Please leave your bags and clothing in the cubby spaces found in the closet on the first floor or in the changing areas downstairs. Do not leave your items by the front door next to your shoes.
  • Students should turn their mobile device off during practice.
  • Please ensure that you and your yoga equipment are clean.
  • If you need to leave early, please let the teacher know before class starts.
  • Please arrive on time. Studio doors are locked at the beginning of class. No late students are permitted in the school after doors are locked.
  • The studio closes 30 minutes after each class finishes. Please be courteous of our staff, who need to clean and prepare the studio for our next class.
  • Please refrain from unnecessary talking during class. We welcome questions during class if it is related to your practice.
  • Refrain from eating at least 2-3 hours before your practice. Drink plenty of water after your practice.
  • If you have studio-related inquiries of questions, please speak to a studio manager (see who is who here) or contact us at hello@lighthouseyogaschool.com.

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