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Frequently Asked Questions

Our schedule is available on our homepage, our Lighthouse Mobile App and the MindBody App). Many of our classes reach full capacity—especially on evenings and weekends— so we strongly recommend reserving your spot ahead of time. 

If it’s your first time at the studio, be sure to arrive a at least 15 minutes early to class so you’re not rushed in the registration process before class begins. You can make your first check-in a breeze by opening a MindBody account with us online and saving your card information to your account so any purchases you’d like to make (class packages, mat rentals, food + drink) are quick and easy. 

If you cannot attend a class you pre-registered for, please cancel your booking to make room for a fellow student. No-shows and late cancellations (made within 2 hours of the start of class) will result in the class value (or $10 for monthly and annual members) automatically being deducted from your account. 

You do not need to be flexible to practice yoga. Don’t fall for the instagram hype! (Don’t get us wrong— we have a blast sharing some of what we can do on Instagram, but the real work of yoga is done in the classroom, not in front of a camera lens.) Yoga is a system of movement and mediation with many benefits. It may help you improve your flexibility over time— as well as your strength, your proprioception, your will-power, your patience, your sense of self, your compassion for others…the list goes on. Every body is built differently and changes over time. Our teachers are trained to work with students across a broad spectrum of physiques and physical abilities— think of every cue during class as an invitation, not a command.

If you’re new to Lighthouse, you are welcome to check out any class, but we recommend starting with classes marked “Beginners Welcome” or “Open Level” JM Vinyasa classes unless you are already an experience practitioner. You may notice that even in those classes, many of our students have advanced practices. Please know that this comes from years of work, and it should not dissuade or intimidate you from coming to class with us. We welcome every student that wants to learn and grow in their yoga practice with open arms, regardless of your current level or abilities. We believe the key to an enduring, healthful yoga practice is an open mind, heart, and willingness to try.

Yes: high quality Manduka mats and towels are available to rent as a pair for $5. If you bring your own mat, yoga towels are available to rent for $3. 

We also offer long-term storage of personal mats for 6 or 12 month periods and our Premium Memberships (monthly auto-renew and annual) include the option of mat+towel rentals or mat storage for the duration of the Premium Membership. 

We also sell Lifeforme Yoga Mats. Premium LH Members receive a 20% discount on retail purchases.

Yes, we have cork blocks, cotton straps, and yoga blankets available for use at the studio. Students are welcome to borrow up to two blocks and one strap per class. 

We have changing rooms, two all-gender bathrooms, and a garden patio in the back where students and teachers often hang out in the warmer months.

We have one shower in the studio, so we encourage guests to take showers at home (unless they can keep it snappy!). We do not supply towels for the shower, so if you do need to use it please bring your own towel or rent a yoga towel ($3) at check-in.

We recommend comfortable, lightweight clothing, and fabrics that can handle some sweat. Many students prefer fitted clothing like leggings, bike shorts, and sports bra/tops because loose clothing can make some postures more challenging, so wear whatever you makes you comfortable. We do not allow shoes in the practice space (please take them off and leave them on shoe rack when you come in). 

As often as you want, but we recommend at least 3 times per week. Consider limiting physical practice to 6 times per week so that your body can rest. Meditation, however can be practiced daily, if possible.

In an effort to minimize plastic waste, we do not sell bottled water. We encourage you to bring a reusable water bottle to fill up at our filtered water fountain. Alternatively, we offer canned Perrier as well as Keetz & Co. Plant Bites for sustenance, both available for purchase from our check-in staff.

Depends. If you choose to come to class with an injury, please let your teacher know as they can offer potential modifications to help relieve any strain or tension. Remember to take it easy and listen to your body! Yoga has been clinically shown to ease chronic pain, but acute injuries may just need some rest. In general, movement is vital to keeping the body healthy in the aftermath of an injury, but all healing also requires time and patience.

If you have questions about your practice, please ask any of our teachers before or after you take class. If you have studio-related inquiries or questions, please speak to Maggie, our Studio Manager or contact us at hello@lighthouseyogaschool.com.

All Lighthouse memberships, with the exclusion of Annual memberships, come with unlimited freezes. We require a minimum of 1 week’s written notice prior to your desired freeze start date, with a minimum freeze duration of 14 days. A $10 maintenance fee is charged for each 2 weeks of freeze.

Please email hello@lighthouseyogaschool.com to set up a membership freeze.

If you need to cancel your membership, you may do so by emailing hello@lighthouseyogaschool.com at least 30 days prior to your requested termination date.

Class packs are valid for 3 months following your initial visit. You may purchase a 1 month extension for $20 to use any remaining classes. Extensions must be set up by a member of or management team. For efficiency, please ensure that you have a valid credit card saved to your account, then email hello@lighthouseyogaschool.com to set up your extension. Please not that extensions and rollovers are not available for the 5 Class Card Monthly Auto Renew. See above for a freeze if needed.

We do indeed! Our space is available for both private sessions and group workshops. Studio rentals include maintenance (will make sure it’s squeaky clean for your private session) as well as full use of our props, mats, and other studio amenities. To make a reservation, just email hello@lighthouseyogaschool.com with your desired rental date, time, and length of your appointment.

Firstly: thank you! We’re privileged to practice in a beautifully designed space, and have hosted many yoga and non-yoga related events at our studio. If you’re interested in holding your event here, send us an email with a description of your event, the dates/times of your occasion, and any other information you think would be helpful in making the necessary arrangements.

Studio RULES & Etiquette

  • If it is your first day practicing with us, please arrive 15-20 minutes early so that we can help you register. This also gives our teachers time to meet you.
  • Arrive on time. Studio doors are locked at the beginning of class. Late comers will be admitted ONLY at the teacher’s discretion.  
  • Take your shoes off when you come in and place them neatly on the shoe rack by the front door. Shoes are not allowed in the studio.
  • Please leave your bags in the cubby closet on the first floor or in the changing areas downstairs. Please bring winter coats to hang on the rack downstairs. Do not leave your items by the front door next to your shoes.
  • Turn off or silence your cell phone/apple watch/ etc. during practice. Refrain from using your phone during class. 
  • Help us keep the studio clean. If you sweat around your mat, please use the white hand towels to wipe up the sweat. There are trash and recycling bins upstairs, please recycle all paper, plastic, glass and aluminum products. 
  • Come to class clean (wear deoderent if needed) and refrain from wearing any heavy perfumes or scents. 
  • Please use the mat spray provided to clean your yoga mat or your rental mat when class is over. If your mat smells, we may ask you to use a rental mat.
  • If you need to leave early, please let the teacher know before class starts.
  • Please follow any requests or instructions from your teacher– if you have any questions, concerns, or injuries please let your teacher know before class. 
  • Refrain from unnecessary talking during class. We welcome questions during class if it is related to your practice.
  • Refrain from eating at least 2-3 hours before your practice. Drink plenty of water after your practice.
  • The studio closes 30 minutes after each class ends. Please be courteous to our staff (who need to clean and prepare the studio for our next class) by leaving in a timely manner.
  • If you have studio-related inquiries or questions that can’t be addressed with your teacher or check-in staff, please speak to a studio manager (see who is who here) or contact us at hello@lighthouseyogaschool.com.

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